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News video games 19 October 2020, 19:18

author: Christian Pieniazek

First Reviews: Amnesia Rebirth - Good But Somewhat Conservative

The first reviews and socres for Amnesia: Rebirth from Frictional Games have appeared online. They reveal an image of a solid, though somewhat repetitive horror game, based on the solutions developed for the first installment of the series.

  1. Average review score of Amnesia: Rebirth on Metacritic is 84/100 for the PC version and 73/100 for the PlayStation 4;
  2. Among the advantages of this title are the storyline and audiovisuals;
  3. However, the gameplay is based on a proven formula and hasn't been enhanced with any fresh solutions.

The day before the release, Amnesia: Rebirth saw its first reviews. The latest work of Frictional Games was warmly received by industry critics. While at the time of writing this news, the PC version of the title boasts an 84/100 average rating on Metacritic (based on 19 reviews), the PlayStation 4 release received significantly lower ratings, averaging 73/100 (based on 9 reviews).

Amnesia: Rebirth - selected ratings:

  1. PC Gamer - 91/100
  2. USgamer - 90/100
  3. Dualshockers - 90/100
  4. Wccftech - 80/100
  5. GameSpot - 80/100
  6. IGN - 80/100
  7. Game Informer - 75/100
  8. PlayStation LifeStyle - 70/100
  9. Push Square - 40/100

Let us start the discussion about most important advantages and disadvantages of the game from the former. Among them is the plot which, as a story about "grief, loss, panic and despair" is exciting enough to appeal not only to horror lovers, but also to gamers who value simply good stories. What's more, the devs have decided on proven mechanical solutions, so fans of the genre, especially those who are familiar with previous works of Frictional Games, will probably feel at home here. Anothe pro of the game is also the graphics, which looks decent, even though it lacks modern solutions like ray tracing. The sound also deserves great praise.

And what, in the opinion of the reviewers, didn't quite work out in Amnesia: Rebirth? First of all, basing the gameplay on the idea of cat and mouse, which has grown significantly old in more than ten years since the release of the first installment. Frictional Games hasn't decided on introducing any fresh solutions, which doesn't necessarily have to appeal to the veterans of the genre. Moreover, the narrative too often dominates the gameplay, and in the second half of the game the story layer starts to lose momentum.

Finally, Amnesia: Rebirth will debut on October 20, on PC and PlayStation 4.

  1. Amnesia: Rebirth - official website
Amnesia: Rebirth

Amnesia: Rebirth

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