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News video games 14 January 2021, 15:05

author: Adrian Werner

Gameplay From Returnal, a Very Promising PS5 Exclusive

Fresh gameplay footage from Returnal, Housemarque's shooter that's coming exclusively to PlayStation 5, has appeared online.

New gameplay from Returnal, a promising shooter developed by Housemarque, devs known for Dead Nation and Resogun.

The video offers 8 minutes of gameplay, with commentary from one of the developers. The footage focuses on combat and movement system, which enables us to perform rapid dodges and use jetpack for exploration.

In the commentary, the developer explains that while working on Returnal , the studio paid a lot of attention to the diversity of enemies, wanting to create a bestiary in which each type of enemy will require a different approach.

In previous Housemarque games, events were usually observed from a bird's eye view, which made it easier for players to analyze the situation in combat. In the case of the team's newest work, we won't have that luxury. In Returnal, the action is shown from a camera placed behind the character's back, and the maps have a vertical structure. That's why the devs put a lot of energy in making sure that we always know where and by whom we are being attacked.

Housemarque has made a name for itself as a studio specializing in old-school arcade shooters. Returnal is very different from the team's usual works, but the gameplay shows that despite the change of perspective, the game will draw heavily on the team's heritage. This is particularly evident in the types of attacks launched by enemies. Their projectiles are relatively slow, clearly visible and often come in big numbers, and the game will give us plenty of opportunities to avoid being hit.

Returnal is coming exclusively to PlayStation 5, and will be released on March 19, this year.

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