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News video games 02 June 2020, 17:52

author: Paul Wozniak

Garbage Free-to-play - Shroud on Amazon's Game

Popular streamer Shroud spoke about the new online shooter from Amazon, Crucible. According to the streamer, the title feels like a free game from 10 years ago. Statistics show the game is losing players day by day.

  • The popular streamer Shroud said that the new online shooter from Amazon - Crucible - feels like a free garbage game from 10 years ago;
  • There are fewer and fewer players playing the game, and its Twitch ratings have drastically decreased since its release.
Amazon's new game is not doing well.

On May 20, a new free online shooter, developed by Amazon and called Crucible, hit Steam. It would seem that such a large company will invest in a decent marketing campaign for the game in order to attract a large number of players who, after all, in the case of free-to-play titles are its main "engine". Well, apparently it didn't.

Crucible had little coverage before and after the launch. Unfortunately, the game itself does not hold its own witw interesting gameplay or mechanics, so it loses players an a daily basis. On Steam only 44% of them evaluated it positively, and the most popular streamers do not speak too favourably about it. One of them, Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek, in anticipation of the official release of Valanort decided to check how Amazon's game looks like in action. According to him, it looks like a garbage free-to-play title from 10 years ago (around 6:37 on the video below).

"Free-to-play. That's my opinion. [...] When you specify a game as "free-to-play," you specify it being free-to-play and it feeling free-to-play. [...] When you say a game feels free to play, you gotta think 10 years ago, when games were flee to play and when they came out they were such garbage, but people still played them, because they were free to play. [...] Now, these games are free to play, but this doesn't mean they feel free to play, because they have marketing, strategies and shit."

The low interest in Crucible is also confirmed by the statistics on the number of players (via Business Insider). The day after the launch, 25 thousand people enjoyed played game at the hottest moment of the day. 24 hours later, no more than 5 thousand user played the game at the same time. For the last few days Crucible as few as a thousand players have been regularly launching the game. It was similar in terms of the game's Twitch ratings. On the day of released, the game was watched by over 100 thousand people. Currently, it struggles to attract even 500 viewers. Everything seems to indicate that Amazon's shooter will have considerable problems with staying on the market, although its creators do not intend to abandon it yet.

Twitch's Crucible view numbers.
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