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News video games 10 May 2021, 17:20

author: Adrian Werner

Genesis Noir Rakes in Nominations at Independent Games Festival

The list of nominations for the Independent Games Festival awards has been published. The leader is Genesis Noir, which will compete for the award in four categories.

We got to know the list of games nominated for the Independent Games Festival awards, the most prestigious awards for indie productions. Genesis Noir has a chance for the biggest number of statuettes - four.

The winners will be announced during an online gala, which will take place on July 21. It's worth mentioning that this time only 504 games were submitted for the competition. This is the lowest result since 2011, which is probably due to delays caused by the pandemic.

  1. Independent Games Festival - official website

Seumas McNally Grand Prize

  1. Genesis Noir (Feral Cat Den)
  2. Paradise Killer (Kaizen Game Works)
  3. Teardown (Tuxedo Labs)
  4. Chicory: A Colorful Tale (The Chicory Team)
  5. Umurangi Generation (Origame Digital)
  6. Spiritfarer (Thunder Lotus)

Best Gameplay Mechanics

  1. Teardown (Tuxedo Labs)
  2. Disc Room (Kitty Calis, Jan Willem Nijman, Terri Vellmann and Doseone)
  3. Shady Part of Me (Douze Dixiemes)
  4. There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension (Draw Me a Pixel)
  5. Sign of Sojourner (Echodog Games)
  6. A Monster's Exhibitions (Draknek & Friends in association with Through Puzzling Exhibitions)

Visual Design Award

  1. Genesis Noir (Feral Cat Den)
  2. Arrog (Leap Game Studios in association with Hermanos Magia)
  3. In Other Waters (Jump Over the Age)
  4. Shady Part of Me (Douze Dixiemes)
  5. Call of the Sea (Out of the Blue)
  6. Carto (Sunhead Games)

Best Story

  1. Lost Words: Beyond the Page (Sketchbook Games)
  2. Across the Grooves (Nova-box)
  3. Genesis Noir (Feral Cat Den)
  4. Umurangi Generation (Origame Digital)
  5. Haven (The Game Bakers)
  6. In Other Waters (Jump Over the Age)

Best Audio

  1. Say No! More (Studio Fizbin)
  2. Blind Dive (Lo-Fi People)
  3. Sunlight (Krillbite Studio)
  4. Genesis Noir (Feral Cat Den)
  5. Spiritfarer (Thunder Lotus)
  6. A Monster's Exhibitions (Draknek & Friends in collaboration with Through Puzzling Exhibitions_)

The Nuovo Award for the most abstract and unusual game

  1. Blaseball (The Game Band)
  2. Nightmare Temptation Academy (Lena NW & Coastcodreamgurl
  3. That Night, Steeped by Blood River (Taylor Swietanski)
  4. Airplane Mode (Bacronym)
  5. Welcome to Elk (Triple Topping)
  6. Umurangi Generation (Origame Digital)
  7. Chasing Light (Vittgen Inc)
  8. Kristallijn (Gael Bourhis)

Best Student Game

  1. Vessels (Local Space Survey Corps, LLC)
  2. Dorfromantik (Toukana Interactive)
  3. Some Old Stuff (Hao Fan, Harry (Weizhong) Chen, Haku (Minyan Cai) and Emi Schaufeld)
  4. Rainy Seasons ((Inasa Fujio)
  5. Symphonia (Guillaume Roux, Nicolas Derio, Pierre Vrel, Guillaume Gille, Alexis Grand, Simon Larguier, Martin Lepretre, Corentin Pauvrasseau, Kilian Dufour, Alexandre Mansois, Quentin Vernet, Hicham Benrhannou and Oliver Esman)
  6. Hadr (Dominil Konecny from Atelier Duchu)

Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

A true veteran of the Gamepressure newsroom, writing continuously since 2009 and still not having enough. He caught the gaming bug thanks to playing on his friend's ZX Spectrum. Then he switched to his own Commodore 64, and after a short adventure with 16-bit consoles, he forever entrusted his heart to PC games. A fan of niche productions, especially adventure games, RPGs and games of the immersive sim genre, as well as a mod enthusiast. Apart from games, he devourers stories in every form - books, series, movies, and comics.