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News video games 10 May 2022, 11:43

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Ghostwire: Tokyo Could Get a Sequel; Game's Director on Board

The director of Ghostwire: Tokyo is thinking about the game's sequel. He is also planning a DLC for the game, but for now the realization of both projects is uncertain.

  • Director of Ghostwire: Tokyo shared his plans for the development of the brand;
  • The developer would like to make a DLC for the game as well as a full-fledged sequel;
  • As of now, no decision has been made on this topic.

Ghostwire: Tokyo didn't stun the critics, however it it did appeal to gamers all over the world. This translated into good sales results, reflected by the bestseller status on Steam.

This success allows the game's director, Kenji Kimura, to plan further projects related to the brand. He shared his ideas with IGN Japan (via GamesRadar ).

Not only DLC

Kenji Kimura confessed that he would like to develop the new brand. He already has DLC planned for the recently released game.

This is in line with earlier announcements by the creators of Ghostwire: Tokyo. The developers claimed before the release of the game that its possible success will be associated with the release of DLCs.

These are not Kimura's only plans. The creator also thinks about creating a full-fledged sequel to the game. As he admitted, however, nothing is decided yet.

"I think once the hype around it dies down, I will think about DLCs and sequels, because I would like to make them. No decision has been made yet though, so I can't say anything more."

Fans of the game can just keep their fingers crossed. If all goes well, perhaps they will get another opportunity to visit Tokyo in some time.

Ghostwire: Tokyo

Ghostwire: Tokyo

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