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News video games 20 April 2021, 22:34

author: Angelika Kaldus

New Info on Gord Reveals a Mix of Frontpunk and Heroes 3

Stanislaw Just, head of explained the mechanics and plot of the newly announced game Gord in a detailed interview for Opattack.

  • Gord will be a strategy game with elements of survival and adventure game, set in a quasi-Slavic fantasy world reminiscent of the Middle Ages - this is the first game by;
  • The essence of gameplay in Gord will be expanding the castle, taking care of the subjects and going on missions, during which the player will fight monsters;
  • Gord is to be released in 2022 and will be available on PC (for now via Steam). We will find out about other devices and platforms in the future.

A veteran of CD Projekt Red and current CEO of, Stanislaw Just, talked about the mechanics, premise and storyline of the recently announced Gord in an interview for Opattack. Gord will be released in 2022 and it will be a strategy game with adventure and survival elements, set in a medieval, quasi-Slavic fantasy world.

According to Just, the title will draw on solutions and mechanics known from Don't Starve, Frostpunk, RimWorld and Heroes of Might and Magic III, among others, while monsters are to be modeled on Slavic folklore. Players will get a linear story campaign divided into scenarios, taking place on new, separate maps located in different parts of the world. In addition, to make the game more attractive, we will get the opportunity to play custom scenarios, where the levels will be procedurally generated.

The essence of Gord will be building a castle. In most scenarios, players will start by collecting resources and building structures, to then set off on further expeditions. Each expedition - whether to kill monsters or explore new locations - will take place in real time with the ability to activate pause. After completing the mission objective, players will return to the castle, expand its structures and manage their subordinates (more than 12 professions for NPCs will be available). Just also mentions the possibility of taking subjects on particular missions:

"There are multiple quests to take up. For each you can use whatever subject or subjects you see fit. They however do not transition in between scenarios."

The interview also mentioned some of the indicators that will affect the functioning of the castle and the combat capabilities of our subjects. In the game there will be Faith, which has a similar effect to mana - if its level is too low, spells in the form of skills will be unavailable to the player. Another important element will be Sanity: itf this indicator drops to 0, the unit will flee with little chance for its return in the future.

Just reported that plans to release a PC version of the game on Steam - other devices and platforms are still uncertain. It is also unknown if and when a demo version of Gord will be available, as well as how much we will pay for the game.



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