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News video games 21 June 2022, 14:29

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Gotham Knights Will Offer Biggest Gotham Ever; Hope it Won't be Empty

The developers of Gotham Knights have revealed new information about the game. We already know how big the game's Gotham city will be and how we will customize our character's appearance.

A month ago we had a chance to take a look at Gotham Knights in action. The developers then shared an extensive gameplay, which gave us an insight into how the game actually looks like.

Now, the developers have shared more information about their game in an interview for Game Informer. The new info will appeal to fans of exploration and those who like to customize character appearances.

Gotham big as never before

Presented gameplay could suggest that in Gotham Knights we will have to deal with a really vast virtual world. Now the creators have directly referred to it.

According to the words of producer Fleur Marty, Gotham will be surprise us with its size.

"It's definitely the biggest version of Gotham that has ever appeared in games. The most important thing for us was density and verticality. The city really has many layers."

The metropolis designed by the creators should appeal to players who like exploration. Gotham is to be not only big, but also full of interesting locations.

The fastest way to explore it will be, of course, traveling by motorcycle. However, the city is also supposed to rely on vertical exploration.

Most likely, we will have to abandon the comfortable means of transport many times and explore the various levels of Gotham in a different way.

Heroes as you prefer them

Developers also referred to the possibility of personalizing the characters. It seems that we will be able to customize their appearance to our taste in many ways.

Each character will have 11 different outfits. However, they will be only basic costumes, which can be further modified. All outfits will be enriched with additional elements and we will adjust their colors.

Cosmetic elements will be unlocked by finding them in the game world. Exploration of Gotham will translate into our ability to customize characters.

Co-op without limits

The developers also revealed some additional information about the co-op mode in Gotham Knights. We'll be able to play the game on our own, but then we'll miss a lot of opportunities, which will be available only when playing together with friends.

We're talking here about special team attacks. They will differ in effects, appearance and strength depending on the duos which will execute them.

The developers have also specially designed individual skills in such a way that they combine in an interesting way with the skills of other characters. Some of them are, in fact, created for cooperation.

An example is Nightwing, whose abilities focus on strengthening allies or defending them.

In addition, the developers do not intend to limit players in any way. This also applies to the freedom of character selection. Nothing stands in the way of a group of friends all controlling the same character.

Are you dreaming of a Red Hood duo? As long as it doesn't bother you narratively, there's nothing stopping you from playing this way. In fact, the developers have announced that these kinds of configurations will lead to some funny moments in the game.

How all this will work out in reality, we will find out on October 25, when the game will debut on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series S/X.

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