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News video games 01 November 2021, 17:45

author: Agnes Adamus

GTA Online Besieged by UFOs; Invasion Captured on Video

In celebration of Halloween, there has been an alien invasion in GTA Online. UFOs hovered over the city of Los Santos. The aliens are already gone.

In a nutshell:

  1. GTA Online was hit by an alien invasion yesterday;
  2. UFOs have been occasionally appearing in the game since mid-October.

There was a special event in GTA Online to celebrate Halloween - the city featured in the game - Los Santos - had to deal with an alien invasion.

UFOs have been appearing in the game since mid-October. At the time, however, they appeared in remote locations and vanished as soon as players got close to them. The invasion itself, however, occurred on October 31. On that day, 12 flying saucers hovered over Los Santos. This time, they did not disappear when someone tried to get a closer look. Instead, they disabled electronic devices located within a certain radius. Additionally, the whole thing was accompanied by unusual weather phenomena. The event occurred only during the night hours of the game.

Currently, we can no longer see the aliens over Los Santos. They flew away without revealing their plans. If you are curious how the invasion looked like, you can see it in the footage below.

UFOs have been associated with the GTA series for years. Already around San Andreas there were many legends connected with aliens. GTA 5 however, reached an all-time high when it comes to the presence of extraterrestrials. No wonder that this also translates into GTA Online.

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