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News video games 24 February 2020, 12:42

author: Bart Swiatek

Hegemony - Minecraft MMORPG Will Debut in Two Weeks

Developers responsible for Hegemony: Ascensionem - an MMORPG server dedicated to Minecraft - informed that their work will debut with a two week delay. The new release date is March 7.

We'll wait two weeks longer for Hegemony.


  1. Hegemony: Ascensionem - an MMO server based on Minecraft - will make its debut two weeks later than originally planned, on March 7;
  2. The cause of the delay is performance problems and illnesses within the development team.

The creators of Hegemony: Ascensionem - an MMORPG server based on Minecraft - informed that their work will be released with a two week delay, on March 7. The slip has two reasons. First of all, the developers must eliminate the performance problems they have encountered recently. Secondly, two out of three people forming the team are struggling with a cold / flu.

"This is puerly on us. We did not start stress testing early enough and this is our responbility, we messed up. We were able to fix a lot of underlying performance issues in the last few days but to ensure a smooth gaming experience we decided to delay the release to make sure things are fine. Once again, sorry for this and it is entirely on us.

(...) We have quite a small team, our core developers that work directly on the game number 3 (this inludes myself). The workload and stress from the last week has caused me to run a fever today and Citymonstret today woke up with the flu. Citymonstret also doubles as our Server Administrator alongside me which means that in the space of a day, we have lost 66% of our development capacity, and 100% of our server deployment capacity for the weekend," reads the announcement.

To make up for the delay, the developers promised that they would try to eliminate the performance problems afflicting Hegemony completely, and add even more content to their work.

Hegemony: Ascensionem is a classic MMORPG, combining the mechanics known from Minecraft with a number of other solutions. Players will be able to explore a sandbox fantasy world, full of different kinds of items to be found and tasks to be performed (commissioned, among others, by the militia and the thieves' guild). The title will be played within a standard Minecraft client by entering the server address The developers will also enable us to download an optional texture pack, or even a whole, stand-alone launcher that will only be used to run Hegemony.

  1. Hegemony: Ascensionem - official website
  2. Minecraft - official website


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