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News video games 29 June 2021, 14:02

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Here's Why Minecraft is Brilliant: This Was Built Using Only Redstone

Tetris is a worldwide phenomenon that can be played on countless platforms. Now we can also add Minecraft to this list, after a fully functional version of the iconic title has appeared in the game.

  • One Minecraft player created a fully functional Tetris;
  • The construction was built using redstone;
  • This is another project of the creator, who previously built, among others, a working calculator and functional Tic-Tac-Toe in the game.

We've probably all encountered Tetris. The iconic game is present on phones, desktop and laptop consoles, PCs and many other platforms. Now, another way to play Tetris is to boot up Minecraft. All thanks to one player who recreated the game in a virtual world.

User mattbatwings has done this with the help of redstone, a material available in the game, which is often responsible for the most impressive projects that we can find on the web. Thanks to the knowledge of how it works he managed to create a fully functional game within Minecraft. He presented his creation in a video posted on YouTube. The size of the machine and the tangle of incomprehensible connections can make your head spin.

The result of this hard work is a huge panel that enables us to play Tetris. Like in the original, we can control falling blocks and rotate them. Stacked rows disappear and enable us to continue building our stack. A point converter and a screen revealing the shape of the next block have also been implemented in the mechanism.

The creator explained his achievement in a video presenting the project. He admitted that this was the most difficult construction he had created so far. It required him to figure out how to translate things like mechanic of rotating objects and collision system into Minecraft language. Anyone who would like to see how it looks in real life can download the corresponding map for their own use.

Mattbatwings has several other impressive projects to his credit. He has previously built a working calculator and a playable tic-tac-toe game. This game even has two possible difficulty levels, one of which is an unbeatable AI. These types of constructions are certainly an amazing example of how much freedom we have in our hands in Minecraft.

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