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News video games 02 July 2021, 15:08

author: Iltutmis

Hideo Kojima May be Working on a New Game for Microsoft

According to rumors, Hideo Kojima and Microsoft are negotiating a deal that will result in a new cloud-based game for Xbox and PC. That said, we won't see the result of this collaboration until a few years from now.


  • A cloud-based game;
  • Talks are at an advanced stage and there's a good chance the deal will go through;
  • Hideo Kojima's new game will be released in a few years.

Microsoft continues to expand the Xbox brand. The company is in talks with video game industry veteran Hideo Kojima, which are expected to result in a new title exclusive to consoles and PC.

A few years ago, The creator of Metal Gear Solid broke off cooperation with Konami in favor of independent activity. Recently, Kojima has been creating his new works, including the aforementioned Death Stranding, thanks to Sony Interactive Entertainment. It's surprising, then, that Hideo Kojima has entered into talks with Microsoft - owners of the rapidly expanding Xbox system. After all, in the video game and console market, Xbox is the biggest competition to Sony's PlayStation console.

According to rumors posted by Jeff Grubb (writer, game designer, and journalist at Venture Beast), legal teams from both parties have been working on the deal for months. So far, there is no indication that the parties will break off the already advanced talks.

Hideo Kojima May be Working on a New Game for Microsoft - picture #1
Hideo Kojima May be Working on a New Game for Microsoft - picture #2
Will Kojima's favorite boxes appear in the new game?

Hideo Kojima's right hand man will likely be Kim Swift

Interestingly, about two weeks ago, Microsoft announced that it had hired Kim Swift, an important developer for Valve brands like Portal and Left 4 Dead. Officially Swift found herself at Microsoft in order to develop a project similar to the cloud-based Stadia. However, it seems that Swift's real task will be to help Hideo Kojima with his yet unannounced title.

Nothing is known about the game itself so far, except that it's to be based on cloud technology. I think Microsoft's support could help unleash Kojima's infinite creative potential and result in a remarkable title that would be even more surprising than Death Stranding.