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News video games 07 February 2021, 17:49

author: Paul Musiolik

Map Import in Hitman 3 Coming Before End of This Month

IO Interactive announced that it has finished work on a tool to import maps from Hitman 2 to Hitman 3, which is available exclusively on Epic Games store.

  1. IO Interactive plans to release tools to import maps from Hitman 2 to Hitman 3 by the end of the month.

Tools for importing maps from Hitman 2 to Hitman 3 on PC will be made available at the end of this month. Information about IO Interactive's plans appeared on the official forum in a thread dedicated to known issues with the game on PC.

The Danish studio informed fans that, as promised earlier, the appropriate tools have already been prepared. However, they need to be thoroughly tested so that they don't cause problems and the devs can be sure that all maps previously purchased on Steam will transfer to Hitman 3, which is available exclusively on Epic Games Store.

Unfortunately, we don't yet know exactly what the process will look like. The studio responsible for Hitman wants to make it as simple as possible. Details on this topic should appear in the next few days, in order to be ready before the end of the month with the import option.

A few days ago we learned the game's roadmap for this month. We're expecting two new "Escalation" missions. One of them, The Baskerville Barney, will consist of eliminating the entire Carlisle family in such a way that each death will look like an accident. The Sinbad Stringent, on the other hand, challenges us to shoot boxes that are scattered throughout the level. The challenges will be coming to the game on February 4 and February 18, respectively. There will also be contracts prepared by third-party devs (including Kinda Funny) and cosmetic items.

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