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News video games 28 October 2021, 18:32

Invincibility Remains a Problem in New World; At Least in PvE

As it turns out, the invincibility exploit still exists in New World. You can still become invulnerable to enemy attacks in PvE combat.

  1. As it turns out, the problem with immortality in New World hasn't been completely solved;
  2. The exploit can still be used, but it will only work on AI-controlled enemies;
  3. In order to achieve invulnerability, players "freeze" the game window while rolling;
  4. So far, the developers have not addressed the problem.

A week ago, we reported on an exploit enabling players to gain temporary immortality in New World, the recent MMORPG from Amazon Games that continues to be highly popular. It seemed then that the developers quickly dealt with the problem of players exploiting bugs for their own benefit. As it turns out, they did so only partially.

Let's recall that the exploit patched a week ago enabled the players to move to a suspended state by temporarily stopping the game client window. The player then became temporarily invincible. And although during the "freeze" they also could not perform any actions, this kind of immortality could be used to gain an unfair advantage, for example in wars between companies. As youtuber Josh Strife Hayes showed in his material, a very similar exploit is still present in New World. The difference is that it concerns the PvE module.

As you can see on the video, it's all about using the temporary invulnerability while rolling. If you properly coordinate your actions and "freeze" the game window at the time of the dodge in a similar way to the previous one, the AI of opponents and the server will be tricked into considering the player's character immortal.

The exploit in this form worries players, who express their opinions on Reddit:

"This game is gonna be a home sweet home of cheaters if they dont fix this," writes Reddit user No_Carpet45

Another forum user replied to this comment and it's not good news:

"It already is. People have scripts to accomplish the same invincibility exploit with just the press of a button. No window dragging is required anymore," responded PaidNewWorldShill

The above information is certainly disturbing, and an unpatched exploit could compromise the integrity of gameplay. As long as Amazon Games has not addressed the issue, one can only hope that they respond as quickly as they did a week ago.

Michal Ciezadlik

Michal Ciezadlik

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