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News video games 28 October 2021, 19:07

author: Jacob Blazewicz

PlayStation PC Instead of PlayStation Studios; Steam Reveals Sony's New Publishing Brand

Change of Sony's game publisher on Steam from PlayStation Studios to PlayStation PC is further confirmation of the company's serious plans for the PC platform.

Just a few years ago, the phrase "PlayStation games on PC" would have sounded like a bad or even cruel joke. Now, however, Sony is not only talking openly about porting its games to PC, but is proving it with truly big hits.

Additional confirmation that this is not a sudden and temporary whim of the Tokyo-based company, is the change noticed by Internet users on Steam. Here's the thing: the publisher of, among others, Days Gone on Steam is not PlayStation Studios, but PlayStation PC. Horizon: Zero Dawn and God of War are still listed as "PlayStation Mobile", but we can assume that this is a minor mistake made either by Sony or Valve.

Corporation Wiki states (thanks, VGC) that the PlayStation PC trademark was registered back in April 2021. While the practical impact of this move is small, it is significant, for it is further evidence that the company is serious about expanding into the PC market. Even if, as has been claimed, this is primarily intended as a form of advertisement for PlayStation consoles, on which we will see these games much earlier.

In recent months, there has been a significant lack of reports confirming Sony's intentions. Still, for a long time many gamers refused to believe that the company could abandon the complete exclusivity of PlayStation Studios-owned brands, even after the debuts of Death Stranding, Days Gone and Horizon: Zero Dawn on PC. It wasn't until the surprise announcements of Uncharted 4 and God of War - both being long-standing PlayStation series, whose main instalments had never before made it beyond Sony's consoles - that even the biggest sceptics came to believe that PlayStation's hottest hits could make their way onto PC.

All of this also lent credence to the GeForce Now leak, despite Nvidia's assurances that it had little to do with reality. Add to that the recent find from Steam database on Sackboy, which further confirmed that the streaming service's September game listing may have revealed Sony's actual plans. Even if they turn out to be untrue, there's little doubt now: PlayStation is no longer the second (next to Nintendo) stronghold of truly exclusive games.

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