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News video games 09 January 2017, 19:27

author: luckie

Just Cause 3 Multiplayer mod beta available now

Hundreds of Ricos wrecking chaos on the Medici island? It's now possible with the public beta of Nanos's Just Cause 3 Multiplayer mod.

As fun as Just Cause 3 is as a single player experience, this highly explosive sandbox game could surely use an option to play with others. Although lacking from the original release, the multiplayer mode is now added in a fan-made modification, available in 0.9 public beta version, adding multiplayer to the game and allowing you to play together with hundreds of other players on one server – you can download the mod by the group called Nanos from this website. What would happen if an army of Ricos started wrecking chaos on the Medici island at the same time? Watch this video to find out:

Just Cause 3 Multiplayer mod offers various game modes: from the classic Deathmatch and Racing through to Roleplaying and Freeroaming. Moreover, every player can design their own game modes and use them to play with others.

Back in its time, Just Cause 2 received a similar modification too, but it was made by another team. The group responsible for JC2-MP was also working on the JC3-MP project, but cancelled it when their lead designer got hired by Avalanche Studios. Since then Nanos’s mod is the only Just Cause 3 big multiplayer mod out there.

Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3

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