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News video games 16 January 2022, 21:02

author: Adrian Werner

Konami Made Good Money on NFTs from Castlevania

The auctions of NFTs from Castlevania were quite a success. Konami was to earn $157,000 on selling them.

  1. NFT auctions involving tokens from Castlevania have ended. Castlevania,
  2. Konami is estimated to have earned $157,000,
  3. the publisher will also receive 10% from any subsequent sales of these tokens.

Last week Konami had become the latest gaming company to cash in on NFTs, or virtual items known as non-fungible tokens. The publisher has organized an auction with items from the Castlevania series and now we know how much they earned.

The auction was held on OpenSea. You could buy 14 NFTs prepared for the 35th anniversary of the Castlevania series. All of them got purchased, and Konami was to earn (according to VGC) $157,000.The average price per token was $12,000.

Konami Made Good Money on NFTs from Castlevania - picture #1
The NFT with a map of the castle from the first part of the series was sold for the highest price.

The highest price, 26 thousand dollars, was obtained for NFT with the world map from the first part of Castlevania. On the other hand, three videos containing short fragments of the game were sold for 17 thousand dollars each.

It is worth adding that these amounts are not the end of earnings for Konami. This is because the company will also get 10% from each subsequent sale of these NFTs by the next owners. The publisher will not have to wait long for these additional profits. The winners of the auction have already listed most of these tokens in OpenSea and some of them managed to reach a higher valuation than in the previous auction.

Thus, the whole action turned out to be quite a success, and we expect that soon Konami will organize more auctions and other companies will follow the example of this publisher. Players exhibit highly negative reactions towards NFTs, but as you can see, you can still make a lot of money on it.

However, not everyone is successful in this business. Recently Ubisoft started selling their own NFT and their Quartz platform for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint turned out to be a failure. Only 15 tokens worth a total of $400 were sold in the first two weeks.

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Castlevania Advance Collection

Castlevania Advance Collection

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