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News video games 31 January 2023, 16:49

author: Adam Adamczyk

Liberty City in Cities Skylines Will Have You Return to GTA 3

Liberty City in Cities: Skylines impresses with the number of details. Watch this video featuring iconic locations from Grand Theft Auto 3.

Cities: Skylines is a real treat for lovers of creating virtual cities. The game is so extensive that with a bit of creativity, perseverance and a lot of free time you can create impressive metropolises. Examples include not only completely original cities built by players, but also those replicating existing ones. Now one player has decided to recreate Liberty City from GTA 3 in this popular city builder. How did he do? See for yourself

Liberty City full of details

In thread dedicated to GTA on Reddit a user known as Structurial posted a video showing Liberty City from Grand Theft Auto 3. It features iconic neighborhoods such as Saint Mark's, Chinatown and the Red Light District.

In addition, you can also see familiar locations from the game, such as the lighthouse, but it is also noteworthy that on the streets of Liberty City recreated in Cities: Skylines are full of cars known from GTA. In the comments there is no shortage of admiration and admiration for how much work the developer had to put into such an ambitious project. There are also voices of people who claim that the city looks better than in the refreshed version of GTA 3.

"Great job! Liberty City seems much more alive," praises W4tchDxg

"I know this is from Cities, but I still can't believe it. The attention to detail is phenomenal," declares paulxombie1331

"Do Vicy City next!," asks tomob234

The creator also posted the above video on his channel on YouTube, and in addition, he has just published a video showing Staunton Island, which can be watched below.

I don't know about you, but for me, after watching this video and listening to the music, the want to launch a Grand Theft Auto game. Who knows, maybe in some time we will get Vice City in Cities: Skylines? I do not hide the fact that I would watch such a work with even greater pleasure.

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