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News video games 01 April 2021, 21:13

author: Hubert Sledziewski

Truth Quest DLC for Action RPG Maneater in Detail

Tripwire Interactive, the publisher of Maneater, has released first details on the Truth Quest expansion, which is due out in the summer of 2021.

  • Tripwire Interactive revealed details of the Truth Quest expansion for Maneater;
  • The DLC will enhance the action RPG with two story episodes, new character progression options, game modes and improvements to the Bounty Hunter System;
  • The expansion will be released this summer on PC, PS4, PS5, XONE and XSX|S and will cost €14.99.

Released in May 2020, Maneater was quite well received by the audience - the average user rating on Metacritic ranges from 6.6 to 7.3 depending on the platform (PC, XONE and PS4). The game has a group of loyal fans who frequently asked for additional content. Tripwire Interactive decided to answer their calls and began work on an expansion. Now, we learned that it will be called Truth Quest and will be released this summer.

The story of the expansion will begin where the story of the base game ended and the players will once again take on the role of a man-eating shark that will be followed by the Naval Wildlife Organization (NWO) and investigative journalist Trip Westhaven (played by Chris Parnell as the game's narrator). The story then turns to whether the ravenous, bone-armored animals known from fishermen's tales, which emit toxins and use electricity as a weapon, are more than just fairy tales.

Truth Quest will add two more episodes to the eight offered in the base game, in which we will explore a completely new region. By the way, the character's level cap (up to forty) and size will be increased, and its further progression will be possible thanks to five new evolutions of existing organs and one, which we couldn't improve before. The devs have also announced the addition of several unique alpha predators and smaller creatures to hunt.

Truth Quest DLC for Action RPG Maneater in Detail - picture #1
ShARkPG - RPG about sharks.

Additionally, two new types of tasks will appear in the game. In the first we will have to destroy specific targets using the tail of the shark we control, and in the second to swim through the hoops in time trials. The Bounty Hunter System present in Maneater will also be improved - military ground forces will now attack from beaches and fortifications, helicopters will hunt us from the air, and five new trackers will get new weapons and vehicles.

The Truth Quest expansion is due out this summer, so we'll probably play it over the holidays. The DLC is priced at 14.99 euros. Truth Quest - just like Maneater - will be coming to PC, PS4, PS5, XONE and XSX|S. The launch promises to be particularly interesting on PC, where the game is available only on Epic Games Store and Microsoft Store, and not on Steam. Who knows, maybe by the time the expansion pack comes out - as May 22 will mark exactly a year since Maneater's release, and that's when the exclusivity period of most such titles on Epic Games Store usually ends - Tripwire Interactive's game will also become available on Valve's store. Surely the game would gain a chance for a second life thanks to this, just like Hades. Especially since Maneater is also coming out for Switch in May.



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