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News video games 16 May 2021, 15:42

author: Ness

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Changed Tali's Controversial Photo

The reveal of Tali'Zorah's face was one of the many controversies surrounding the third installment of Mass Effect. The remaster of the iconic series has decided to rectify the issue.


The following news contains spoilers from Mass Effect 3 and Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

Fans of the Mass Effect series know Tali'Zorah very well. A Quarian with a penchant for engineering, she was one of several companions of Commander Shepard who worked with the protagonist in all three installments. One of the biggest mysteries surrounding the character was her face. Like the rest of the Quarian race, Tali wore a suit that covered her entire body and protected her weakened immune system from infections. If in the third installment the player chose the Quarian as Shepard's mate, a photo of Tali without the mask appeared in Commander's private quarters.

The original photo caused a lot of controversy among fans because it was a slightly reworked stock photo. At the time, players were disappointed with what was a half-hearted solution in their opinion.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Changed Talis Controversial Photo - picture #1
A photo of Tali'Zorah from the original version of Mass Effect 3.

Legendary Edition has changed Tali's photo - such information was revealed yesterday on Reddit dedicated to the Mass Effect series. User Maxgoods, who shared this revelation, attached as proof a screenshot showing the new photo. This is no rework or fan mod, as the change was confirmed on Twitter by another player. Does this change come off more favorably? This is a question every fan of the series must answer for themselves.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Changed Talis Controversial Photo - picture #2
An altered image of Quarian from Mass Effect Legendary Edition.
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