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News Files and Mods 28 November 2022, 14:47

author: Adrian Werner

Midnight Club 2 Fixed by a Fan; This is What Rockstar Games Lacks These Days

Fan has fixed the most serious problems of Midnight Club 2, the popular racing game from Rockstar Games released years ago.

Currently, Rockstar Games is mainly associated with the GTA and RDR series, but the team's past was filled with other interesting brands. Among them is the racing series Midnight Club. It still has many fans today, and one of them decided to create a modification, fixing the second part of the series.

The mod is titled Drive MCII and its purpose is to thoroughly refresh the gameplay of Midnight Club II. This was done in two ways. First, the driving model was improved. This included increased realism, improved controls and a greater variety of cars.

  1. Drive MCII - download the mod from our FTP (the author has given us permission to host a mirror)

Second, problems with the campaign were fixed. Midnight Club 2 is famous for its ridiculous difficulty level in this mode. During the tasks, we were hindered by primitively scripted buses, road jams regardless of the speed at which we traveled the route. This has been removed by the mod. The traffic on the roads in some missions has also been reduced, which is also gratifying, as in many places it made getting to our destination unmeasurably difficult, especially when we had to drive against traffic.

Interestingly, the modder didn't accomplish all this alone. He managed to get in touch with one of the developers who was involved in the work on Midnight Club II. He provided assistance in figuring out how to modify the game and a method for implementing the needed fixes.

It is worth adding at the end that in order to run Midnight Club 2 on modern PCs you need to use the Vista Patch. The patch is included in the archive with Drive MCII. You can also download it separately.

Midnight Club II

Midnight Club II

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