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News video games 25 June 2020, 16:17

author: Bart Swiatek

Minecraft 1.16 - Here's a Useful Trade Table

One player has created a table that enables us to get a better idea of the trading mechanics in the latest version of Minecraft. A pack of realistic textures is also created. In addition, developers from Mojang Studios have recently released a small update numbered 1.16.1, which eliminates stability issues for user-generated servers.

Minecraft has received a new patch and a table to help in trading.


  1. One Reddit user has created a table that makes it easier to learn the secrets of trading in the latest version of Minecraft;
  2. Another player is working on a pack of realistic textures for Mojang Studios' game;
  3. Minecraft has also received a small patch 1.16.1, which improves the stability of user-generated servers.

One Reddit user has created an extensive table, which presents in a condensed form the basic rules governing trade in the latest version of Minecraft (referred to as patch 1.16, or Nether Update). This is an updated version of a similar summary from last year.

Trade in Minecraft 1.16 - table.

By using the table we can see what materials and items can be obtained by trading with particular types of settlers - and how much we will have to pay for them. We will also find a number of general trading tips for the current version of the game.

Player creates a realistic texture pack

This is not the end of Minecraft news. One of the players is creating a pack of very realistic textures for the game. Here are some examples of his work.

Textures like these in Minecraft? Why not!

Minecraft - version 1.16.1 released

It's also worth noting that Minecraft has received another small update - patch 1.16.1 eliminates stability problems with user-generated servers (so-called Realms).

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