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News video games 19 December 2018, 23:42

author: Aquma

Mobile PUBG as popular as Fortnite

The Verge reports that the number of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds users exceeded the number of 200 million. 30 milion of players log in the game every day.

Mobile PUBG as popular as Fortnite - picture #1
PUBG has a wide appeal among the world of video games.


  1. the mobile PUBG community is already over 200 million people;
  2. about 30 million of them log in the game every day;
  3. the data refers only to the mobile version - it does not include copies sold on PCs and consoles;
  4. the statistics do not include the Chinese market, where PUBG is very popular.

As reported by The Verge (referring to information provided by "the company" – probably the distributor), the number of mobile version users of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds is comparable to that of Fortnite. Production of PUBG Corp. and Lighspeed & Quantum (the second studio is responsible for conversion to iOS and Android) has been downloaded by over 200 million players, and about 30 million people use it every day.

The big hit of Epic Games crossed the same peak on November 26th this year. It cannot be ruled out that the number of Fortnite players has increased since then. On the other hand, the statistics quoted by The Verge's editor only concern the mobile version, so they do not include more than 50 million copies sold on PCs and consoles (we would like to remind you that the game recently debuted on PlayStation 4). What's more, the data does not take into account the huge Chinese market, on which, as everybody know, PUBG is very popular. One may suspect that the actual community of this production is a bit larger than the one possessed by Fortnite.

This interesting data suggests that in the clash of this two battle royale giants, none of the rivals has yet said the last word. Although, after the initial explosion of popularity, the PUBG gave way to its main competitor, but now it seems that the title is bravely fighting and has carried out a pretty successful counterattack. What do you think? Which of these games will be more popular at the end of next year? Or maybe the fashion for the battle royale genre will drastically change by then?

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