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News video games 05 May 2022, 12:20

author: Miriam Moszczynska

Mojang Disappointed Minecraft Community With Bait Snapshot Title

Minecraft snapshot 22w18a disappointed the players. They expected a new biome or dimension, and received only a few changes completely unrelated to the snapshot's title.

The recent snapshots for Minecraft didn't bring the players what they wanted. This time the reactions to the changes introduced in snapshot 22w18a are clearly negative and the official name - "New Place" - is unanimously considered a clickbait.

What does snapshot 22w18a bring to Minecraft?

There are few changes, and they focus mainly on fixing bugs. This is how the most important content of the update looks like:

  • Allays now follow their favorite player, even if they are out of sight;
  • Allays will now only not follow a player if they are more than 64 blocks away from them;
  • Warden's attack texture received a small update;
  • Sculk Sensors, Sculk Shriekers, and Wards now listen for the closest vibration instead of the first one that reaches them.

The detailed description of the snapshot, as usual, is available on the official website of Minecraft.

This snapshot is another disappointment

Voices suggesting that the changes are not up to par with expectations could be heard some time ago. However, back then, players did not express their disappointment the way they did with snapshot 22w18a.

The situation can be summed up with "Mojang has disappointed". It's not just about the aforementioned snapshot name, which is far from the content it brings.

The community also recalls the promises made during Minecon, which so far have not been fulfilled.

"Mojang should stop making big promises of updates at Minecon. It would be cool to see the new features the developers are working on, but they should openly say that what they are showing won't necessarily be added in the next update or added at all," wrote BrickenBloc.

"The technical stuff seems interesting and good, but yeah... Communication regarding things not present in the game is poor and on top of that the content we have is disappointing. The updates as they are now are generally okay, but the last ones (1.13-1.18 or at least 1.16) were downright amazing. And then after the COVID related break during MC Live 2020 they split the update, then it seemed that on MC Live 2021 they would announce a smaller update which turned out to be disappointing, it's sad," wrote DHMOProtectionAgency.

"That's kinda mean to name this post 'A New Place' when some of us are/were truly expecting a new dimension (through the ancient city portal) or a new biome (birch forest)...," wrote BibocaDiagonal.

So as you can see, the community is noticing that something about the update is not going quite as it should. Let's hope, however, that the snapshot expected to hit the game next week, will break this unfortunate streak.



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