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News video games 06 December 2020, 20:09

author: Paul Musiolik

Monster Hunter: World Review Bombed on Steam Due to the Movie

One sentence in the Monster Hunter movie enraged Chinese players, who launched a carpet review bombing campaign of Monster Hunter: World on Steam.

  1. Monster Hunter movie has been released in Chinese cinemas.
  2. It turned out to contain a paraphrase of an offensive chant addressed to Asian children.
  3. Angry players from China started review bombing Monster Hunter: World on Steam.

Monster Hunter: World is getting review bombed on Steam. However, the reason is not directly related to the game. What angered the Chinese players who vented on Capcom? The Monster Hunter movie, which debuted recently in China.

To be more precise, i's about one line that has appeared online and is a paraphrase of an offensive chant addressed to children from Asia (mainly China and Japan). In the film it sounds like this:

What are my knees?... What kind of knees are these?... Chi-knees.

Shortly after the well-known analyst from Niko Partners, Daniel Ahmad, published the video on Twitter (unfortunately already removed for copyright reasons), a storm broke out. Angry fans attacked Capcom. The Japanese company released a statement, cutting off from the movie's production, expressing its concern and informing about taking necessary steps.

This resulted in the rapid withdrawal of Monster Hunter from all cinemas in China.

Monster Hunter: World Review Bombed on Steam Due to the Movie - picture #1
Monster Hunter was quickly pulled from Chinese cinemas.

The whole thing is interesting because movies, like video games, are checked by censors before they can be released on the market. The fact that the subtitles do not match the line spoken by the actor adds some controversy here, and means that the censor must have overlooked the problematic quote. However, the case ended up making big waves, which may harm the Monster Hunter brand, which is extremely popular in China.

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