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News video games 06 February 2021, 16:43

author: Paul Musiolik

Battlefield 6 Will Offer Extensive Destruction System; Multiplayer Partially Free

More Battlefield 6 rumors have surfaced online, and this time we learned that the game will feature an advanced dustruction system, rebuilt squads, seasons and a Battle Pass.

  1. Battlefield 6 is expected to offer an expanded destruction system;
  2. The system of squads and their management will also be rebuilt;
  3. The game will be partially free, and the developers will release a new Battle Passe every season.

Battlefield 6 may offer a destruction system never seen before in the series, expanded team options and common online gameplay, independent of the platform on which we buy the game.

New information on the upcoming Battlefield 6 comes once again from Tom Henderson, who previously revealed, among other things, that BF6 will be heavily inspired by Battlefield 3 and that DICE will take advantage of the power of next-gen consoles.

This time, we learned that DICE plans to implement a crossplay option, which will enable the players from PC, Xbox X, and PS5 to play on the same servers. It should even be possible to enable people to play on PS4 and Xbox One if such versions are developed. Electronic Arts also has a plan to ensure that the title boasts a large player base. According to Henderson, parts of the online mode will be made available for free. Battlefield 6 is also expected to offer a Battle Pass that would change with seasons every few weeks.

The video above also touches on the new features that are supposedly coming to the game. As Henderson reveals, DICE plans to expand the system of four-man squads and combine them with platoons, which will be managed by a commander. A platoon will consist of 3-4 squads. The system planned by the devs is developed to enable better management of squads when the number of players on the server increases.

Also mentioned was an improved destruction system on the map, dubbed "Levolution on steroids". According to the informant, we will be able to destroy almost all buildings on the map (except those that are important for mission objectives). "Levolution" has been rewritten to make the whole thing calculated in real-time while abandoning the previously animated scripts that were tiggered at the right moments.

To what extent these rumors are true we will see in the spring when Electronic Arts officially announces the new installment of the Battlefield series. According to official information, the title will go on sale at the end of this year.

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