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News video games 16 April 2019, 00:14

author: Entelarmer

New LEGO Star Wars Game in Development

Skywalker Sound's Matt Wood revealed that the next installment of LEGO Star Wars is in the works. Unofficial sources report that the new project is to be the "ultimate" part of the series, transferring the entire film saga into the world of blocks.

New LEGO Star Wars Game in Development - picture #1
The return of Star Wars to the world of LEGO may be another attraction waiting for the fans of the brand.

Last weekend was full of announcements related to the Star Wars franchise. However, full-fledged announcements are not all that Star Wars Celebration Convention brought with it. Matt Wood of Skywalker Sound mentioned by the way that a new LEGO Star Wars game is in the works (via Twitter). The record company belongs directly to Disney, so although such a statement can hardly be considered an official announcement, it is probably true. What is more, it coincides with the sources of Eurogamer. If we are to believe them, the title is more than just a supplement to the cycle with stories from the eighth and upcoming ninth episodes of Star Wars. The game will be the "ultimate" incarnation of the series, allowing you to experience the stories from all the previous trilogies.

Previous editions of LEGO Star Wars were warmly welcomed by the players, as well as the other adaptations of popular brands using Danish blocks. Colorful action adventure games captivated with a humorous presentation of famous stories, a lot of references (not only to Star Wars) and pleasant gameplay, focused on fighting and solving simple puzzles. Another matter is that already in LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens, certain source material fatigue could be clearly felt - the lack of significant changes was painfully evident after we've played several productions with LEGO in the title. Whether this time we will see more modifications or the creators will stick to the proven formula - we will see after the official announcement of the game. So far, neither Disney nor Warner Bros. - the publisher of the cycle - have commented on these reports.

New LEGO Star Wars Game in Development - picture #2
The last installment of the series was released almost three years ago.
LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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