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News video games 02 April 2019, 22:58

author: Konrad Serafinski

New PlayStation Store Policy Allows Refunds (With a Catch)

Sony published new rules of a new, precise refund policy for PlayStation Store. The changes relate mainly to games, pre-orders, expansions and subscriptions. There is, however, a certain catch to all this.

New PlayStation Store Policy Allows Refunds (With a Catch) - picture #1
A new and precise return policy for PlayStation Store.

April 1, in addition to being a pranksters' holiday, is also the start date of a new fiscal year for Sony. As a result, the company has decided to change (or rather refine) the return policy for products purchased from PlayStation Store. Until now, the subject has been the cause of much controversy around the Japanese company, because it was very difficult to obtain precise information about what could be returned and under what conditions. All changes are described on the official PlayStation website. Sony decided to divide digital shopping into several categories. Below you can read the rules for each type of return.

Games, add-ons, season passes, films

If we purchase a game from PlayStation Store, we have 14 days to return it - provided that we have not started downloading or streaming it. After the transaction is cancelled, the funds are transferred to your wallet on PlayStation Network. All content (games, add-ons, films) that you have started downloading is not refundable. Therefore, if you are hesitant about the purchase, it is worth to remain vigilant during the transaction, because the system offers automatic download of content. The same applies to season passes. We also have 14 days to return them, provided that we have not downloaded any content related to them at that time.

It is also worth noting that Sony clearly declares that it is not possible to return items purchased inside the game (i.e. in the menu and not via PlayStation Store). Examples of such resources can be packages for FUT or packages for GTA Online.


Pre-orders can be cancelled at any time prior to the game release. However, if it turns out that we want to return the product after the launch, exactly the same rules apply, as described above. Here you should also pay attention to the automatic download option (on the day of release) offered by the system. Moreover, if your pre-order does not include any bonuses (e.g. Special Editions, skins, DLC), you will receive your money back directly to your card and not to your PSN wallet.

PS Plus, PS Now, Spotify Premium Subscriptions

Refunds are slightly different for subscriptions. Users can cancel their subscription within 14 days of purchase, even if they have already started using it. In this case, the refund will be reduced by the number of "active" days. Then two transactions will appear in the order history: a refund (full amount) and a debit depending on the number of days. Sony has also clarified the extension of the subscription after the trial version. For example, after a 7-day trial, your wallet will be charged a monthly subscription fee (let's assume you do not want it), in which case we have 7 days to cancel your purchase, which will result in a refund.

Sony also stipulates that PSN wallet recharges as well as activation codes that have not been purchased through PlayStation Store (e.g. scratch cards from third-party stores) cannot be refunded. To apply for a refund, please contact PS Store support. All the necessary information on the new refund policy can be found here.

  1. PlayStation official website
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