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News video games 02 April 2019, 23:22

author: Milosz Szubert

AMD Drivers 19.4.1, Persona 5 S and Humble Monthly Stat

Here are today's topics: new drivers from AMD, the number of Humble Monthly subscribers and the mysterious Persona 5 S project's teaser site. Here's your daily batch of short news from the world.

AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin drivers 2019 Edition 19.4.1

AMD Drivers 19.4.1, Persona 5 S and Humble Monthly Stat  - picture #1
New AMD drivers fix a bug associated with throwing World of Warcraft crashes to desktop.

Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition drivers 19.4.1 from AMD debuted on the web. They focus on fixing a number of bugs, such as World of Warcraft crashes to desktop after patch 8.1.5 when the MSAA option is enabled, incorrect display of graphics in World of Tanks on Radeon RX Vega card series or cursor disappearance on AMD Ryzen mobile CPU and Radeon Vega Graphics devices. In addition, the drivers fix system instability when three or more displays are connected and enabled at the same time on AMD Radeon VII and Radeon RX Vega Series graphic cards. Full list of changes and download links can be found here.

Humble Monthly with 400,000 subscribers

AMD Drivers 19.4.1, Persona 5 S and Humble Monthly Stat  - picture #2
A lot of people have subscribed to Humble Monthly.

It was announced that 400 thousand people have bought the Humble Monthly subscription, in which you get free games every month for a $12 monthly fee. This number was reached in less than four years after the offer debuted. In addition, it confirmed a message from a few days ago that Humble had donated a total of 145 million dollars to charity.

Currently, you can get three games - Northgard, Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden and Absolver - as part of Humble Monthly subscription. New games will be added to the offer on April 5.

Persona project website-teaser 5 S

AMD Drivers 19.4.1, Persona 5 S and Humble Monthly Stat  - picture #3
What is Persona 5 S?

Two weeks ago, Atlus announced Persona 5: The Royal, which is probably an expanded version of the popular and highly-acclaimed jRPG. More details about it will be announced on April 24, during the first day of Persona Super Live P-Sound Street 2019: Welcome to No. Q Theater! concert. However, this is not all yet. A website has appeared on the web as a teaser of the mysterious Persona 5 S project. According to its announcement, the game will be officially presented on the second day of the event - April 25.

What's more, in the source code of the site we can find a message from Phantom Thieves themselves, a group of the main characters of Persona 5. Here it is:

April 25, 2019.

We will show you a new Phantom Thieves that will turn the world’s cognition on its head.

We are energized by voices that seek satisfaction.

Once again, we will take your heart at the Ryougoku Kokugikan.

What is Persona 5 S? In the media, there are mostly voices that it may be a Nintendo Switch port, rumors of which have been circulating for some time now. But what will it actually be? We will see at the end of this month.

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