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News video games 10 March 2022, 12:34

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

New Strategy RPG From Lancarse Coming Later This Year

Square Enix has announced a new strategy RPG. The DioField Chronicle from studio Lancarse will debut later this year.

  • Square Enix has announced a new game from the Lancarse;
  • The DioField Chronicle is a strategic fantasy RPG;
  • The game will debut on PC, PS4 and PS5 as well as Xbox One and Series S/X.

Square Enix has presented a new strategic RPG (via Gematsu). We are talking about The DioField Chronicle, developed by studio Lancarse.

The game will debut later this year on PC, PS4 and PS5 as well as Xbox One and Series S/X.

What is The DioField Chronicle?

The DioField Chronicle is a strategic RPG that will take players to a fantasy world combining supernatural features with advanced technology. Our task will be to command a squad of mercenaries and defend the Kingdom of Alletain against the attack of the evil Empire.

During the gameplay we will control a vast frontline. We will conduct reconnaissance of enemy forces, gather an army, improve soldiers' skills and finally strike at the enemy in the place of our choice.

Battles will take place in real time. Directing the troops is supposed to be a big challenge, but many options will enable us to adjust the actions to our own preferences. The player will decide for himself whether frontal attacks and open clashes or organizing ambushes are a better solution.

Not only strategy

Numerous battles will of course not be the only element of the gameplay. The DioField Chronicle is an RPG after all, so we can count on many interactions with expressive characters.

During the game we will be able to build closer and closer relationships, which will enable us to learn something more about the world around us. Th universe of The DioField Chronicle will be filled with various nations and cultures.

Over time we'll take care of the reputation of our mercenary army. Only the player's actions will decide how it will go down in the history of the Kingdom of Alletain.

The game will be enriched by songs composed by Ramin Djawadi and Brandon Campbell. The composers are known primarily for their work on Game of Thrones.

The DioField Chronicle

The DioField Chronicle

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