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News video games 01 February 2020, 21:12

author: Konrad Serafinski

New Trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake Sports Nobuo Uematsu's Music

A new trailer of Final Fantasy VII Remake appeared on the web, presenting several iconic characters in action. What's more, in the trailer we will hear a piece by Nobuo Uematsu - the music composer adored by fans of older installments of the series.

The new trailer of Final Fantasy VII Remake is already online.

A new trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake has appeared on the official Youtube channel of Final Fantasy. The trailer is subtitled "Theme song" and, as the name suggests, is intended to present the main musical theme of the production. It will be a piece titled Hollow, composed by Nobuo Uematsu, with Yosh providing vocals, and lyrics by Kazushige Nojima. English translation by Ben Sabin and John Crow. The trailer presents several iconic characters in action, who "do their job" to the accompaniment of this song.

Fans of the series were probably pleased to see the return of Nobuo Uematsu - the composer of soundtracks to many of the classic installments of the series. If you are interested in behind the scenes of the track's creation, we invite you to watch the video below. As I mentioned above, some iconic characters also appear in the trailer. We will see such familiar faces as Red XIII, Jenova or, obviously, Cloud. The video presents not only cut-scenes - there is also some space for proper gameplay. The whole thing looks promising and fans of the series should be on cloud nine right now.

We would like to remind that some time ago the devs informed of a delay in the game's release. The production was supposed to appear on PS4 in early March, but it will not be available until April 10 this year. A month's delay is not a big problem (especially in this industry), but watching another trailer, you'd really want to play it as soon as possible. There is also some good news. At the beginning of the year, fans of the game started going through the game files of FF7 demo and found a lot of mentions which suggest that there are plans to port the title to PC. Will this really happen? Time will tell.

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