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News video games 18 November 2022, 14:57

author: Adam Adamczyk

Next-gen The Witcher 3 Raises Player Hopes; Here's What Changes They're Dreaming of

Players are outdoing each other with ideas about what the December update to The Witcher 3 should bring, including new quests and more Gwent.

Fans of the third part of The Witcher probably know that December 14 will see a release of next-gen update for the game. It will introduce better graphics and generally improve the game's technical condition. In addition, we will receive a small DLC inspired by the Netflix series. Details of the changes and additional content will be revealed on the stream, which will take place on Twitch. Fans of the game are looking forward to the release of the update and are throwing around ideas on what changes they would like to see..

Quests, a quick trip to the castle and Tomira

On Reddit a thread was created in which fans of the third installment of The Witcher share their dreams for the content they would like to receive in the December update.

Although the game and its DLCs offered a lot of quests, a sizable group of players just wants more of them. Admittedly, we don't know whether they will be added - although it's better not to count on it, which is also expressed by the players themselves.

"I don't think there will be any new quests in the game. I would like to be wrong, but in my opinion players should not count on it," wrote reelznfeelz

A useful change would be to add a fast travel point directly under the castle where the Bloody Baron is stationed. Running across the bridge for the fiftieth time, listening to the text about how the Baron's soldiers "got handled like Novigrad working women" and then continuing on to the Baron probably irritated many more players than just me. However, as the same players pointed out in the aforementioned thread, such a change is impossible, because at a certain stage of the game things get hot at the castle (I'm avoiding spoilers), so Geralt has to take the same route as always for the cutscenes to activate.

The players' dream zone does not lack cloaks for Geralt, a photo mode, which, especially with improved graphics, would be very useful, more rivals for Gwent, better-looking water, or the possibility of romance with the herbalist Tomira from White Orchard. That last one I don't understand. Yes, she does have pretty nice... assortment of herbs, but a romance?

And you, what changes would you like to see in the game after the update.?

The Witcher before and after the update

The fact that fans can't wait for the next-gen update is also evidenced by a video comparing texture quality, based on a single promotional screenshot published by CD Projekt RED. It shows quite a few small, but noticeable changes from the current version of the game.

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