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News video games 08 May 2019, 21:57

author: Frozen

Nintendo Closed Its Anti-Piracy Website

Nintendo closed its Anti-Piracy website. The website has existed for over a dozen years and, in addition to performing a typically educational function, enabled the company to report cases of piracy.

Nintendo Closed Its Anti-Piracy Website - picture #1
The closure of the anti-piracy website is a rather unexpected move on the part of Nintendo.

Nintendo has closed the Nintendo Anti-Piracy service without prior notice. The disappearance of the website was first noticed by a Twitter user Akfamilyhome.

Nintendo Anti-Piracy was established several years ago (the oldest archived version of the website dates back to July 2002). The aim of the website was to educate, encourage the use of legal hardware and software only, and ensure that players could easily report pirates, thanks to the contact form available on the website.

The reasons why Nintendo removed the service are unknown. The company is unlikely to have become more tolerant of piracy, especially in view of the recent lawsuit against Jacob Mathias, the owner of ROM-hosting website. It is possible that Nintendo Anti-Piracy is simply no longer needed by the company. All functions and information from the closed website are still available on the company's official website, only in a different place - in the legal information section. There may not be a convenient form for reporting cases of piracy, but we can easily find e-mail addresses and phone numbers that do exactly the same job.

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