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News video games 28 November 2016, 10:17

author: luckie

No Man's Sky gets a big update, introducing base building, huge freighters and more

If you're still playing No Man's Sky you will be happy to hear that the game has received a big update. This one introduces base building, huge freighters, two new modes, and more.

A couple of days ago Hello Games have finally decided to break the worrying silence and announced a big update for their troubled sci-fi exploration game, No Man’s Sky. Now the patch 1.1 is live for both PlayStation 4 and PC. Dubbed Foundation, the update lays the foundation of base building and of features that are yet to come, which means other additions are in store. You can now build and expand your base on the surface of a planet using different modules, and then decorate it, hire alien species to help you research new technologies, grow plants, set teleporters, etc.

Apart from the option to build your own base the patch introduces two new game modes: Creative Mode and Survival Mode. In the former, you get to explore the universe with unlimited supplies and health, so you could build any base you like, while the other puts you up against an increased challenge. In order to make the experience in the Survival Mode less painful you can now place save points anywhere in the world. Moreover, it is also possible to purchase and customize huge freighters and stockpile your goods there.

The Foundation Update also brings a bunch of smaller improvements and additions, such as new resources and technologies, UI enhancements, visual effects, and lots of fixes – you can find more details on the official website.

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