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News video games 20 July 2015, 14:49

author: Adrian Werner

Nova-111: The Innovative Turn-Based Game - Will Make Its Debut on The 25th of August

Funktronic Labs studio notified that their unusual turn-based adventure game will be released on the 25th of August. The game will be coming to PCs and nearly every console available on the market.

The indie developer Funktronic Labs are not far from finishing their first commercial project – the unusual action-adventure game Nova-111. The game will mix platforming with turn-based mechanics. Since their work is almost done, the creators may now reveal the release date of the game – the 25th of August. The game is coming to PCs, PlayStation3 and 4 as well as Vita, Xbox One and Wii U. The game’s plot focuses on the results of an experiment carried out by 111 brilliant scientists living in an alternative, turn-based universe. According to their theory their experiment would allow them to discover an alternative real-time based universe. Unfortunately, something went very wrong, creating an anomaly that caused the two realities to fuse together while the scientists got scattered on nearby planets.

The player assumes the role of the pilot of a research ship - the Nova – tasked with finding and saving the eggheads responsible, because, obviously, that’s the only way to close the anomaly and separate the merged dimensions. The game will allow us to explore multitude of alien planets in the company of an AI always ready to share some advice with us.

Throughout the game we explore 2D levels, similar to typical platformer maps but, since we’re on board of a ship, with additional mobility. Most of the action, including movement and combat will be turn-based. At the same time, we are granted special abilities making it possible to manipulate the reality at will i.e. allowing us to enable real-time in game or even completely freeze it. Some enemies or traps will possess similar effects.

The game certainly won’t be lacking in challenges requiring strategic thinking and/or dexterity but riddle solving remains at the core of its gameplay. Many puzzles will have to be solved by making creative use of special abilities at hand. Furthermore, collecting mechanical parts to upgrade our ship and gain new abilities will be an essential part to the game.

Finally, Funktronic Labs May be a new team but the people working there are no greenhorns. Most of them worked previously at Q-Games developing the PixelJunk series.

  1. The official website of Nova-111


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