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News video games 01 June 2016, 15:06

author: luckie

Nox offered for free on Origin

Nox is currently offered for free in Origin's On the House. Check out the classic action-RPG free of charge.

The latest offer in Origin’s On the House features Nox, a cult action-RPG from Westwood Studios (mostly known for Command & Conquer franchise) released in 2000 by Electronic Arts. This means that you can claim the PC game for free from Origin Store and keep it forever. This is a good opportunity to relive the good old adventure or get to know this classic hack-and-slash, which at some point was second only to Diablo.

Nox lets you play as Jack, a young man from the current-age Earth pulled into a fantasy universe, where he has to fight an evil sorceress Hecubah, the queen of the undead. The game offers three distinct character classes: warrior, conjurer, and wizard, each with a unique storyline and ending. Apart from single player campaign Nox offers vibrant multiplayer with still active fanbase. Online gameplay is supported by XWIS, the official server for Westwood Studios games.

Nox offered for free on Origin - picture #1
You can check out Nox for free.

Another deal in the current On the House offer is Battlefield Hardline - Getaway DLC. If you don’t own Battlefield Hardline on PC, you can get it within Origin Access subscription for $4.99 per month.



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