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News hardware & software 21 March 2019, 22:52

author: Aquma

Nvidia: Turing revenues 45% higher than Pascal

Nvidia boasted that the revenue from the sales of Turing-based cards - in the first eight weeks of their market presence - was 45% higher than the revenue generated by the sales of GeForce GTX 10xx series in the same period.

Nvidia: Turing revenues 45% higher than Pascal - picture #1
Nvidia boasts sales of GeForce RTX cards.

During a recent meeting with investors (so-called Investor Day) Nvidia shared some interesting data about GeForce RTX series GPUs. It turns out that the revenue from the sale of Turing-based chips in the first eight weeks after the release are 45% higher than the amount earned in the same period by the extremely popular Pascal GPUs.

Nvidia: Turing revenues 45% higher than Pascal - picture #2

The stats do not quite match the financial data presented recently by the company (it had a very weak quarter), but it is worth noting that the list prepared by the company refers to the first weeks of Pascal presence on the market, the period when the cryptocurrencies had not yet strongly influenced the market - GeForce GTX cards debuted in 2016, while the bitcoin mining craze began only in 2017.

Does this mean that the new GPUs are more popular than their predecessors among their rightful target video gamers and not virtual miners? Unfortunately, the situation is even more complicated. RTX GPUs are much more expensive, and at the same time - interestingly - as another screnshot provided by Nvidia proves, most Pascal users (90%) were ready to spend more on a new graphics card.

Another interesting information is that only 2% of Nvidia's customers have so far opted for a change to the Turing architecture model - meaning that the statistics cited above cannot be considered representative in a broader context. 50% have a Pascal GPU in their computer and 48% use even older hardware. Importantly, as many as 90% of users have chips that are weaker than the GeForce GTX 1660 Ti released in February. Looking at this data, it's hardly surprising that Nvidia decided to fight hard for the lower end segments of the market, creating the GTX 1660 and GTX 1650.

Nvidia: Turing revenues 45% higher than Pascal - picture #3

The last curiosity revealed during the Investor Day was the information concerning the huge increase in sales of gaming laptops - ten times more units were sold in 2018 than five years earlier. In its presentation, Nvidia calls this type of equipment "the fastest growing gaming console".

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