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News video games 17 June 2021, 20:32

author: Hubert Sledziewski

Outriders' Endgame Taking Flak From Players

Outriders devs from People Can Fly decided to explain how the damage system works in their new game. However, the community was not interested. Instead, players began to complain about the poor endgame design.

Successful launch of the shooter Outriders from People Can Fly was not without problems - the players complained about the disappearing equipment, and the developers released subsequent patches and compensated users for the losses. Despite its overall success, the title is still far from perfect. Luckily, the developers did not stop patching Outriders - the latest update brought things such as changes to the damage mechanics, which were explained in detail. Something that should have interested the community, only irritated it. Fans accused Polish devs that the introduced solution will make the endgame, which already puts emphasis on defense, even more defensive.

This conflicts with the players' idea of fun. The endgame is largely based on the expedition mode, in which we have to defeat powerful bosses within a certain amount of time. They have a lot of health points and inflict massive damage, so slaughtering them - which is rewarded with legendary items - usually comes down to creating a "glass cannon,", a character that deals maximum possible damage at the cost of a poor defense, making his or her death a matter of receiving just a few blows.

The players seem to be convinced that this is due to poor design of Outriders. Reddit users who commented on the developers' latest announcement accused the team of not thinking the endgame through and pointed out that the title was meant to reward an aggressive, rather than conservative, play style. Especially since the latter doesn't work in expeditions with a small time limit, such as Boom Town. According to the community, a ticking clock discourages experimentation with "builds" and the defensive approach that simply provides a greater chance of survival.

Will the developers from People Can Fly take players' comments to heart and at least try to fix the game? We will surely find out in the near future. Outriders is available since April 1 on PC, PS4, PS5, XONE and XSX|S, as well as in Xbox Game Pass service.



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