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News video games 06 May 2021, 11:21

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Outriders Players Finally Got Their Lost Gear Back

People Can Fly began restoring lost gear to Outriders players. For now, the creators focus on characters that were virtually unusable due to the bug.

Teething problems are a perennial affliction of video games (or pretty much anything created by mankind), and we've grown accustomed to the various bugs in the game's day one releases. However, funny and essentially harmless bugs are one thing, and disappearing gear, like in Outriders, is another. Today, devs at People Can Fly studio begun granting affected players the promised compensation.

In a message posted on Reddit, it was announced that characters who have been completely "wiped" and cannot log into the game (known as group A) are the first to go. They are restored with all legendary equipment and that which was being used by the character at the time of the bug occuring (plus the first twenty, owned but unused. non-legendary pieces of gear in terms of rarity and date of acquisition). If the character's inventory is full, the returned items will be stored by the server until there is room for them when the character logs back into Outriders. In addition, Group A characters will receive a maximum of 20 legendary equipment items sold (not converted to scrap) by them previously, which will be either the same or better than the lost counterparts.

If the comments under the announcement are to be believed, many players did indeed get their characters back along with their equipment (though not all of it). Next in line are Group B Outriders players who are able to log in with their characters but lost some items. The team at People Can Fly is also monitoring group C, those unaffected by the (already fixed) bug. The studio wants to make sure that the restoration of equipment will be done without harm to other players.

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