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News guides 06 February 2024, 02:33

author: Olga Fiszer

Palworld - Pal and Player Stamina Reduction Rate Explained

Did you lower the Pal Stamina Reduction Rate in Palworld but your Pals still can’t fly for longer? Here’s what you need to do for these settings to work properly.

Source: Palworld; developer: Pocketpair

In Palworld, your Pals are more than just combat helpers, gathering and crafting experts, and upkeep workers – they’re your personal sky taxis and road beasts. With a flying mount Pal, nothing stands in your way of reaching the highest peak of the mountain or getting across the sea to explore distant islands. In this guide, we explain how to change the Player and Pal Stamina Reduction Rate to freely discover even the farthest corner of the map in Palworld.

Pal and Player Stamina Reduction Rate in Palworld

By reducing the Pal Stamina Reduction Rate, your Pals will lose less stamina during every activity, allowing them to run or fly for longer periods. The same goes for the Player Stamina Reduction Rate, if you lower it in the World Settings, you will find it easier to work, sprint or even engage in combat effortlessly.

However, some players have noticed that despite decreasing the Pal Stamina Reduction Rate, their flying Pals did not actually fly for longer. If you encounter the same issue, here’s a simple solution: go again to the World Settings and lower the Player Stamina Reduction Rate. It seems that it is not Pal’s stamina which is responsible for mount’s movement but player’s.

If it still does not work as intended, set the Pal Stamina Reduction Rate to the same level as the Player Stamina Reduction Rate. Some fans report that these settings should match to work properly.

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Olga Fiszer

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