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News video games 16 July 2021, 14:04

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Path of Exile Battle Royale - Dev Joke Returns at Player Request

Battle royale in Path of Exile? It sounds like a joke and that's what it was three years ago. Now, however, studio Griding Gear Games has brought it back at the request of players just in time for the debut of the newly announced Expedition expansion.

Do you know that feeling when a loose joke turns out to be a surprisingly successful idea? I guess that's how the employees of Grinding Gear Games felt 3 years ago, when they released a battle royale mode for Path of Exile for April Fools' Day. Now PoE: Royale returns to this popular hack'n'slash game. As we read, the original version was only available on April 1, 2018 and was pieced together quickly by the developers, yet it became quite popular and players asked for the mode to be made available again. This has happened with the latest update. Unfortunately, it's available only on PC - console owners have to do without for now.

Path of Exile: Royale - how and when to play?

The battle royale mode will be made available as part of the 3.15 version expansion every weekend from this one, so you can currently play until Sunday. Next week will be an exception, as this is when the next expansion will debut (which you can read about later in this text). To enter the game, create a new character at level one and go to the Events tab. There we choose the option "Royale", character class and join the waiting room. We don't have to create a new avatar every time we play: after the end of the game, its level and equipment will be automatically reset.

Path of Exile Battle Royale - Dev Joke Returns at Player Request - picture #1
Battle royale in PoE was supposed to be a one-off thing, but who would argue with the fans?

The premise of this gameplay variant is no different from the typical battle royale formula. One hundred or fifty players are thrown onto an island full of gems and mobs, and the goal is to remain the last one alive on the board. Clashes with others are forced by a storm that gradually reduces the safe zone and finally engulfs the entire island, dealing damage to all characters. Characters can progress by killing monsters and acquiring gems, and the further into the island we go, the more valuable loot and powerful beasts we'll encounter. However, the most profitable activity is killing other players.

In comparison with the "joke" from three years ago, the developers have made significant changes. Now Royale has its own, slightly simpler skill tree adapted to PvP clashes and fast-paced gameplay (a single session lasts no more than 15 minutes). There is also no need to confirm the acquisition of abilities. In addition, the initial stats of Exiles have been slightly buffed and items have been rebalanced. Let's add that for winning we will receive a unique cosmetic item for the base, which can be upgraded by winning subsequent Royale sessions.

Path of Exile: Expedition

We mentioned that Royale will not be available next weekend due to the debut of a new expansion. It will be Path of Exile: Expedition, which will enable Exiles to join the Kalguuran expedition in search of valuable relics. The expansion brings 19 gems, new item types, and unique versions of those items. In addition, players will be able to take on challenges in another league, as well as test out the completely redesigned flask system. Expedition will be released on July 23. Let's hope that this time there will be no problems.


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