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News hardware & software 19 October 2020, 14:10

author: Bart Swiatek

PS5 Cooling Will be Improved With Updates

Yasuhiro Otori, Vice President of Sony's mechanical design department, was interviewed by the Japanese website 4Gamer. This enabled us to get to know some interesting details about PS5's cooling, including the fact that the operation of fans will be adjusted in software updates.


  1. As many as three additional temperature sensors are placed on PlayStation 5's motherboard;
  2. The console's cooling system will be adjusted in software updates, based on data collected after the release of games.

The operating temperature and noise level are things that some PlayStation fans will be worried about before the release of PS5. Some gamers are very concerned about these issues, experienced on PlayStation 4, especially PlayStation 4 Pro. According to recent reports, the ninth generation of Japanese hardware is running quietly, but if this information hasn't calmed you down, we have good news - the company intends to monitor the situation on an ongoing basis and improve the performance of the cooling system in software updates. The source of the information is an interview that the editors of the Japanese website 4Gamer conducted with Sony's Vice President of Mechanical Projects, Yasuhiro Otori (via Reset Era).

Sony plans to collect data after the launch of the platform and the debuts of first dedicated games, and then make the necessary changes based on this data. Three additional temperature sensors have been installed on the chipset that is the heart of the console (apart from the main one, which is located inside the APU itself). It is worth noting that such a far-reaching caution does not necessarily mean that the Japanese expect problems with the operation of PS5 - Sony simply prefers to have a plan B in case something goes wrong.

"In addition to the temperature sensor inside the APU, PS5 has three temperature sensors on the main board to control the fan speed based on the internal temperature of the APU and the highest temperature of the three temperature sensors. It is interesting to note that these fan control parameters will also be updated via online updates," said Yasuhiro Otori.

PlayStation 5 will debut on November 12 in the Pacific area and a week later for the rest of the world.

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