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News hardware & software 20 September 2020, 21:12

author: Paul Musiolik

PS5 Will be Huge as Shown by Leaked Photos

PlayStation 5 will be a powerful piece of hardware. The Taiwanese FCC organization has posted photographs of Sony's console on its website. You can see on them what a giant we're going to be dealing with.

PlayStation 5 will be a giant console.
  1. The Taiwanese electronic device classification organisation has released photos of PlayStation 5.
  2. The console will be huge. It will measure 39x26x10.4cm and weigh 4.5kg.

PlayStation 5 is a huge piece of hardware. We already knew this when Sony announced that the new console would weigh 4.5kg. Also the dimensions of the PS5 given in the official specs (39x26x10.4 cm) indicated that it wouldn't be a piece of hardware that would fit under anyone's TV.

Thanks to the Taiwanese organization classifying hardware before it is released for sale, we can see photos of the actual console. These show a view of the front and top of PlayStation 5.

A view of the front of PS5.
View of the top of the console.

Unfortunately, the pictures don't show us where we'll be able to insert the NVMe drive (Sony assures that the option will be present). We also don't know how we're going to change the appearance of our PS5. A few months ago there were declarations that the appearance of the console will be to some extent customizable. Some Internet users expect we will be able to replace the front of PlayStation 5.

  1. PlayStation 5 - official website
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