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News video games 17 September 2020, 13:38

author: mikos

Ray Tracing and DLSS in Fortnite Today

Today the new update to Fortnite will introduce ray tracing and DLSS support. This is another big step in popularizing ray tracing technology in video games.

Ray tracing is entering the mainstream. Source: Nvidia.

As we wrote earlier,Fortnite will receive ray tracing and DLSS support from Nvidia. Now we have found out that both of the aforementioned novelties will be available in the game today. If we have an RTX family card and want to see what the game looks like after the update, just download it as soon as it's available and update the Game Ready drivers for our graphics card.

What kind of ray tracing implementation are we talking about in Fortnite? Quite significant, as the ray tracing technology will be implemented in improved shading, reflections, global lighting and ambient occlusion. This means that shadows will now become much softer and gain much more resolution, and this in turn will make the whole thing look much more natural and dynamic. The global lighting system will be completely redesigned and from now on we will no longer see a pre-defined lighting system, but instead it will be cast dynamically from the sky. As a result, the game will become more realistic and there will be reflections of light from different surfaces, which would be impossible without ray tracing. Ambient occlusion will make the shadows at the borders of objects softer and the light will fall at a natural angle, instead of illuminating everything around.

A visual comparison of the original version of the game with the one using ray tracing support can be found on Nvidia's official website.

Just to remind you, today at 6 AM PT the sales of Nvidia's RTX 3080 will start. All tests indicate excellent performance in ray tracing games, even in 4K.

Last update: 2020-09-17

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