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News video games 29 February 2020, 21:57

author: Konrad Serafinski

Remake of Trackmania Nations in the Works; PC Launch in May

Ubisoft Nadeo is making a new installment of Trackmania. However, instead of a sequel, we will get a remake of the 2006 Trackmania Nations. The title is to be released only on PC in May, this year.

This is how the early version of the game looks like. Source: Ubisoft.
  1. Ubisoft Nadeo is creating a new installment of Trackmania.
  2. However, this will not be a sequel - instead we will get a remake of the 2006 Trackmania Nations.
  3. The title will hit PC on May 5, 2020.

Work is underway on a remake of the popular racing game Trackmania Nations. Ubisoft has announced its development during the Grand League final in Lyon. The new Trackmania will only be available on PC. The devs have not given any information about a possible console version. The title will be released on PC on May 5, this year.

On the official website of the studio there is an interview with Florent Castelnerac, managing director of Ubisoft Nadeo, the division responsible for the game. The creator revealed that the developers' main goal is to create a production that is both modern and with a simple premise - so as to preserve the spirit of the original. The dev team listens to players' opinions and takes them into account when creating new content. Castelnerac points out that Trackmania is based on three pillars:

"First, racing is universal, and progression is fun. Trackmania gameplay should always be intuitive, four arrows only, and allow easy respawn and improvement. [...]

Second, it’s a racing game with a track creator, meaning there is a near-endless supply of new tracks. In the upcoming game, we increase the amount of possibilities for creation. [...]

Thirdly, the game also offers competitions, from daily and casual ones to international pro-level leagues."

New routes, new vehicles, new challenges - new Trackmania. Source: Ubisoft.

It is worth recalling that Trackmania Nations is a free game from 2006. The title has gained popularity especially among e-athletes and multiplayer enthusiasts, who have outdone themselves not only in the game itself, but also in creating more and more creative tracks. Many of you probably had a lot of fun playing Trackmania with your friends. Let's hope it'll be the same in a few months.

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