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News video games 25 March 2023, 15:12

author: Adrian Werner

Resident Evil 4 Remake Broke Series Record on Steam in Just a Few Hours

The Resident Evil 4 remake shortly set a new all-time activity record for the entire series on Steam, significantly surpassing the achievements of the previous leader, Resident Evil Village.

Yesterday, marked the debut of Resident Evil 4, a remake of Capcom's iconic survival horror game from 2005. We'll still have to wait a bit for official sales results, but judging by how the game is doing on Steam, it can already be considered a great success.

  1. As soon as eight hours after its release, Resident Evil 4 was being played on Steam by 116,000 players simultaneously. Thus RE4 broke the activity record achieved by Resident Evil Village (106 thousand people), which was the most popular installment of the series on Valve's service to date.
  2. By the way, it was not the best Resident Evil 4 could achieve. The game's performance is growing all the time - two hours ago it reached 147 thousand players playing simultaneously on Steam, and before the end of the weekend it will surely become even better.
  3. Activity records on Steam show well the development of the series' popularity in recent years. With the exception of the somewhat colder received Resident Evil 3 each new installment of the series has recorded a big jump in interest on the platform.


Activity record on Steam

Resident Evil VII: Biohazard

20 449 players simultaneously

Resident Evil 2

74 227 simultaneous players

Resident Evil 3

60 293 simultaneous players

Resident Evil Village

106 631 concurrent players

Resident Evil 4

147 297 simultaneous players (temporarily)

Resident Evil 4 is not only cranking out impressive activity results on Steam, but also getting excellent reviews from users of this service. 95% of the reviews praise this remake, which is categorized as an "overwhelmingly positive" reception.

Finally, let's recall that Resident Evil 4 was released for PC, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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