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News video games 18 March 2021, 12:46

author: Qskan

PS5 Action Game Returnal Gets New Story Trailer

We received a new trailer for Returnal, a space action game with roguelike elements. The trailer of the upcoming PS5 exclusive focuses on the plot and the secret hidden by the main character.

  • Returnal received a new story trailer;
  • The trailer reveals that a dark secret from the past is probably connected with the main character.

The upcoming Returnal received another trailer yesterday. Devs at Housemarque decided to reveal a bit more about the game's plot. The story of Returnal focuses on the time loop experienced by the main character Selene - an astronaut who crashed on a desolate planet Atropos. Every death takes her back to the starting point - the moment of the emergency landing, and the world changes in some ways with every "reset".

This time the biggest curiosity is a simple earthly house, which stands in the middle of ancient space ruins. We can suspect that this is Selene's family home, as the heroine seems to remember the place, and there is a picture of her inside. We don't know if the house really exists or if it's just a part of some crazy vision, but we can deduce that it might be related to some dark secret from the main character's past.

In terms of mechanics, Returnal combines third-person shooter with roguelike, where time looping is an important element of the gameplay. Exploration of the mysterious planet is also to play an important role. Returnal will be released on April 30, this year as an exclusive for PS5.



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