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News video games 22 July 2020, 13:02

author: Bart Swiatek

Rocket League Goes F2P but Disappears From Steam

The popular online game Rocket League will switch to free-to-play model this summer and will cease to be available on Steam. The game will also receive a progression system that will be transferrable between different devices and PC clients.

Rocket League is about to change a lot.


  1. Rocket League will switch to free-to-play in summer;
  2. The game will disappear from Steam (PC version will be available on EGS);
  3. those who own the game on Steam will be able to continue playing;
  4. Players who have bought the game will receive so-called legacy status, offering a number of benefits;
  5. The game will get a cross-platform progression system based on Epic Games account.

Psyonix, the creators of the popular futuristic "sports" game Rocket League, announced that this summer the game will switch to free-to-play. The basic formula will remain unchanged, but the developers plan to make changes to the interface and some features (e.g. tournaments and challenges). More importantly, they also plan to enrich the game with a cross-platform progression system (based on Epic Games account).

For PCs, the F2P version will be available for download on Epic Games Store. At the same time the game will no longer be available on Steam. It is worth noting that people who already have Rocket League in their library will be able to continue playing without any problems and their game will be updated (interestingly, the aforementioned cross-platform progression system also includes EGS and Steam, so we will keep the progression regardless of the client used at the time).

Individuals who have purchased - or will purchase - Rocket League before it switches to free-to-play will receive a so-called legacy status, including prior access to the DLC and a special title ("Est. 20XX", with XX being replaced by the specific year in which a given user started his adventure with the game). Players in this group will also be able to count on several additional gifts (e.g. Huntress Player banner or Dieci-Oro rims).

These golden rims are one of the rewards for those who have bought a paid version of Rocket League.

Rocket League is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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