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Sea of Stars - How to Build Spa and Find NPC to Run It

In Sea of Stars you can build your own spa, but someone will have to run it. Here you will find tips on both tasks.

Source: Sea of Stars, Developer: Sabotage

After very unfortunate start of 2023 where some titles shook the gaming world with how bad they were, the second half of the year seems to be a lot more successful. Alongside big AAA games we have also received some smaller production that stole our hearts. From the creators of The Messenger, we received its prequel – Sea of Stars. It is completely different genre than the first of the mentioned games, the latter adapts old-school RPG gameplay mechanics. Being an RPG, Sea of Stars allows you to build houses to newly founded town of Mirth. Have you ever thought about constructing and running your own spa? If you are hooked, continue reading to learn more.

Building a spa in Sea of Stars

The first thing in order to build a spa in Sea of Stars is to acquire building plans. This is no easy feat as it requires you to bring at least 39 rainbow conches to Mirna, a trader who can be found in Lake Docarria.

With plans obtained, go to Mirth and provide Jirad with the blueprints. Giving him the draft will result in building the spa in the town.

Finding an NPC to run the SPA in Sea of Stars

Building a spa is one thing, but having someone to take care of it is a different story. No worries though, as there is an NPC who can help you with just that.

As you were looking for rainbow conches, you might have already met Chi. She is ‘Chi’lling in Stonemasons Outpost on Sleeper Island. Of course, nothing is free, so in order for her to assist you running the spa, you will have to help her first. The task is quite simple though, as you will be requested to get water running in the outpost again. It requires a little parkouring around the outpost, but you will eventually find a jade tap. Interacting with it will make the water flow once more thus completing the quest.

Sea of Stars - How to Build Spa and Find NPC to Run It - picture #1
Jade tap location in the Stonemasons Outpost. To get there, simply drop from the ledge above as shown in the picture. Sea of Stars, Developer: Sabotage

Talking to Chi while she is bathing will move her to Mirth where she will be taking care of your own spa.

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