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News video games 04 December 2020, 20:28

author: mikos

Six Patches and EA Still Can't Fix FIFA 21

Players complain that despite six patches, EA is still unable to fix FIFA 21. Errors that plague the game discourage them from playing matches.

FIFA 21 recently received its sixth patch, which is already available on PC and is about to hit PS4 and Xbox One. Each subsequent update includes several pages worth of changes, bug fixes and novelties such as hairstyles, realistic faces, etc. However, players have pointed out that despite so many updates, the game is still unplayable and some of them even call it completely broken.

Of course this doesn't mean that FIFA 21 is so broken that you can't finish a game, but the errors can take away the fun. The players' main concern is the dramatically bad level of judge AI. The most glaring example of how detached from logic is the behaviour of referees in the game is shown in a video recorded by one Reddit users. It shows that for an obvious red card foul in the penalty area (from behind, in a one-on-one situation), the referee only gives yellow. Later, in the same match, for barely brushing against a rival, the referee immediately pulls out the red card, where there might have been no foul at all. This shows the absurdity of the new collision engine and causes gamers to lose a player without reason. It goes without saying how frustrating it can be to lose a key player if we don't even foul a rival.

6 patches and nothing has been solved from r/FIFA

In the comments underneath the video, but also in many other places on the Internet, players loudly express their dissatisfaction with the way the game currently looks and say outright that it is broken at this point. A lot of bitter words are also aimed at the condition of the game's network infrastructure, as people who enter an online match even with perfect ping (delay) of 20 milliseconds or less often face terrible delays during the match. The tool provided by EA to measure the quality of our internet connection does not change much, as even with a score of 95% or better, we can feel a delay in a match that makes it impossible to play.

The problem with referees has been troubling the FIFA for many years now, and each edition is different in this field. Just remember any video about the work of the referees in FIFA 16, which is also remembered by the players for outrageous refereeing.

There's no denying that FIFA 21 is going through a hard time, despite a pretty pleasant gameplay and a refreshed career mode, and the subsequent updates do not help much or even... make things worse.

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