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News hardware & software 03 April 2020, 17:14

author: Smoczy

Someone Just Developed an Autopilot For Chrome's T-Rex Game

If you're bored, why don't you create something like an automatically running T-Rex? TikTok user built a simple „autopilot” mechanism for the offline game implemented in Google Chrome.

If the game is too difficult, why not build an autopilot?

The current need to sit at home works differently for everyone - people play their favourite titles, watch some long overdue classics of cinematography, cook, develop their passions or nervously wait for the end of the pandemic. One of the people who creatively use the quarantine time was Zane, a TikTok user who built a simple autopilot mechanics for the T-Rex in the well known offline game available in Google Chrome.

The mechanism itself is very simple to build.

How does it work?

Ok, time for some technical lingo. The things used to create the mechanism are:

  1. microcontroller;
  2. contact plate;
  3. photoresistor;
  4. resistor;
  5. servomechanism.

As we can see in the video, the author connects the aforementioned elements together using a contact plate and then glues the photoresistor to the laptop/macbook screen. You also need an application to work. What kind of application? The program is designed to monitor the voltage on the analog pin - if it increases, it rotates the motor in the servo by 15 degrees. In the opposite case: minus 15 degrees. The photoresistor is actually a light sensor - an obstacle in front of our T-Rex causes a change in the radiation, and the mechanism hits the spacebar, causing the dinosaur to jump.

Someone Just Developed an Autopilot For Chromes T-Rex Game - picture #3
We can always rely on ready-made solutions.

A simpler solution

If you would like to watch an infinite T-Rex run, but you don't have any of the above elements or technical talent at hand, just run the game on Elgoog - there you can use a built-in bot that does all the jumping for you. However, I'd say that there is much more fun creating the special mechanism, and the components do not cost a fortune. With the lack of anything better to do, we can think of similar solutions, like the legal exp-bot in Metin 2. We are only limited by our imagination.

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